Who We Are ?

Alpha Ioannou Construction Ltd is registered with the Council for Registration and Control of Contractors and holds a Level A license for building construction and Level B license for Technical works.

Strategic Objectives
Strategic Objectives
Develop Personnel Skills and Promote Effectiveness
Optimize Efficiency
Streamline operational procedures to provide speedy responses

Embrace change and continue to invest in people
Always carry out business in a fair and transparent way
Continue delivering to clients the highest quality projects, on time and on budget
To further evolve as a successful business


Alpha Ioannou Construction was founded in 2004 in Paphos, Cyprus. Since the establishment of Alpha Ioannou Construction, my goal was to set out and build a team who shares the same principles and values; a team who believes in doing business transparently and who values long-term relationships. Giving clients’ first priority and seeking overall quality and integrity on our projects is our mission.

Throughout the years, we have aspired to be better, more advanced, experienced, and ready to position ourselves at the top of the construction industry. At Alpha Ioannou Construction, our best feature is our team of professional individuals, who, through their hard work and dedication drive this company forward.

On behalf of the Alpha Ioannou Construction and our team, I would like to thank all our Customers and Business Associates for their valuable support and preference all those years. We assure you that Alpha Ioannou Construction is ready to enter the new decade leading the way.Our Past defines our Future.

Anthimos Ioannou, CEO
Alpha Ioannou Construction

About us

Alpha Ioannou Construction is a privately-owned engineering and construction company that has been operating since 2004. For the past 16 years, the company has managed to become one of the leading entities in this sector in the province of Paphos and the whole Cyprus, focusing solely on the construction and project management activities, both in the public and private sector.

As a member of the Council for the Registration and Control of Building and Construction, holding a “Class A” building license and “Class B” technical license, Alpha Ioannou Construction, is able to undertake and construct projects of unlimited number, size and value.

Alpha Ioannou Construction offers substantial construction knowledge, competitive prices, financial strength, integrity and commitment to all projects. Quality, safety, time delivery and cost-effectiveness are what defines Alpha Ioannou Construction.

Each project has its own set of unique circumstances, requiring a custom approach to construction. It is our job to incorporate the latest technologies into both the construction works and the project delivery processes in order to meet the clients’ needs. Moreover, providing innovative construction solutions and ideas makes Alpha Ioannou Construction able to provide superior construction services from the start of the project to its completion.